Anxiety Group

This- Anxiety Group - is a video of Catalina Ferro reciting a poem she wrote called "Anxiety Group"... It is fantastic. It perfectly describes these people like me who suffer from anxiety and don't know why. But in the end, it is actually quite beautiful. I feel like she understands.... In the last few lines, my eyes teared up...

I took it into L's room and played it for her... She laughed in all the same places. And when she heard those last few lines, she looked up at me with tears in her eyes... Yes, this woman understands... 

And I think, 
‘wow, it must be so exhausting to want to live this much.’… 
These people who fight all day like fucking gladiators, 
who fight demons worse than you and I can only dream of, 
just because they want so badly to live, 
to hold on,
to love.
Because you can’t be this afraid of losing everything 
if you don't love everything first. 
Because you have to have a soul crushing hope 
that things will get better
To be this afraid of missing it.

Catalina Ferro - Anxiety Group

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